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Jetty Bones announces debut album with single “That’s All” + music video

While fans typically know the record label, Rise Records, for heavier punk or rock bands like Of Mice and Men and Knuckle Puck, one artist under the label is about to break ground with some new, fresh, and genre-bending material. What artist?  Jetty Bones, fronted by Ohio-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Kelc Galluzzo.

Jetty Bones announced today that she will be releasing her debut album, Push Back, this February 26th. Accompanying the exciting news came the release of a new alt-pop track off of the album, and a music video, titled “That’s All.” The song, though it may not be for everyone, gives us honest stream-of-consciousness-type lyrics backed by an intriguing mix of 80s-pop, indie-rock, and blue-grass country as well as a killer beat. “That’s All” follows the previously released album-track, “Taking Up Space,” which came out fall of last year and which will also be featured on the upcoming album.

The music video was directed by Lindsey Byrnes who’s previously worked with Hayley Williams and Tegan & Sara, and Dani Okon who’s worked with Sarah Jaffe and Morgxn. It takes place in a dollhouse-esque attic where Galluzzo sits and lights a candle at a table set for two; a television displaying videos of herself places on the chair opposite her. These visuals represent the two halves of ourselves struggling to conclude what to do when faced with an obstacle in a relationship. This obstacle here is how to communicate while preventing conflict.

Galluzzo discussed the song’s meaning in an interview, saying it’s about “pushing to find healthy means of communications for a relationship that you’re truly invested in bettering.  How far can we go before that process turns into a conflict instead of a conversation?  Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a platonic one, or even one that exists within yourself – sometimes we all struggle to find that line.”

The music video’s cool and calm purple and blue lights, along with the concept that Galluzzo is dressed up, hints at this being a romantic dinner with herself, pushing the idea that self-love and being there for yourself might be a better priority than struggling with relationship issues. 

In addition to these themes of inner conflict, the upcoming album, Push Back, will focus on mental health, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts, all of which Galluzzo has struggled with; the last track of the album is based on a suicide note she wrote five years ago. 

You can view the track list for Push Back here:

1. Waking Up Crying
2. Nothing
3. That’s All
4. Everything
5. Taking Up Space
6. Ravine
7. Waking Up Exhausted
8. Bad Time feat. Eric Egan (of Heart Attack Man)
9. Dolly
10. Bad Trick
11. Bug Life

Jetty Bones’ new album will feature songs that use inspiration from several genres, like alt-pop and bluegrass to create a unique sound.  To bring a set of bedroom recordings she had made in 2019 to life, Galluzzo worked with big-name producer and mixer John Fields (who has produced music by the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus). 

When she originally wrote and recorded the songs, Galluzzo said was when she started focusing more on her mental health. She said, “This record is more definitive of the project because I was intentional with it. I worked through everything.”

Pre-order the album now or follow Jetty Bones on social media to stay updated.

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