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John The Ghost escapes doom & gloom on “DRIVE”

I consider myself a fan of The Maine, but until recently, I had no idea that one of the members had their own solo project. Even if I hadn’t known of John the Ghost’s other musical affiliations, I would have connected him to The Maine upon listening to “DRIVE“. Their musical styles are similar, from the energetic choruses to the drums in the background. 

However, John O’Callaghan inserts his own unique style in this single, describing driving away from the doom and gloom of the world with another person, of freedom and forgetting the world. I love songs about driving because of the little quirks in a song’s production that are reminiscent of driving, and this song is no different. 

These 3 minutes and 51 seconds feel just like the first hour of a long road trip, settling into the one purpose of driving forward while still feeling the energy and excitement in the air. Throughout the song, there is a muted yet monotonous beat in the background, keeping a steady rhythm throughout the fluctuating energy of the verses and chorus. The beat, or the passive boredom of driving a long distance, is combined with a passionate and energetic chorus of synths and guitars, conveying what I imagine to be the excitement inside the car. 

Though the verses are considerably quieter than the chorus, relying only on the drums, an echo effect, and John’s voice, they blend in with the chorus, creating the cohesive sound of freedom and running away. John’s contribution to The Maine’s sound is evident in this single, but his own style of dreamier music shines through.

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