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Joy Crookes holds memories & community close on “19th Floor”

“19th Floor” is my grand introduction into the world of singer-songwriter Joy Crookes. I have to say, what a wonderful world to be a part of. With a rich and velvety voice that’s reminiscent (in my eyes) of Amy Winehouse and all of the soulful musical greats… Joy Crookes has the “it factor” that makes her utterly irresistible and captivating. The music video for “19th Floor” had me at a loss for words. With my mouth agape, I stared at my screen utterly amazed at the cinematography. Director Ebeneza Blanche has an impeccable eye for capturing art and captivating an audience.

“Headed back to where I started
Past the fireflies of Rizla burning bright
Lost the tower where my heart is
Cinema skylines that I don't recognize
Strip the life out of these streets
It's a daylight robbery
You'll never take the London out of me, I was
Raised by the river, 19th floor
We never got this high before
We were lost so long, look how far we've come
Down by the river
I remember where I belong”

“19th Floor” explores the bittersweet feelings of childhood nostalgia and coming back to your roots. Joy Crookes holds her memories, community, and family close. Never letting go no matter where this world takes her.

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