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Julien Baker returns with the perfectly cathartic “Faith Healer”

Last week, Julien Baker released her latest single “Faith Healer,” the debut track from her newly-announced upcoming album Little Oblivions, set for release on February 26 via Matador Records.

“Faith Healer” explores themes of addiction and vices, and the cognitive dissonance that plays into those experiences. She sings in search of a healing experience, with the knowledge that the healing experience she is seeking may end up being more harmful in the end. “Oh what I wouldn’t give if it would take away the sting a minute / Everything I love, I trade it in to feel it rush into my chest,” she sings with a familiar longing in her voice.

The self-produced track is a fuller sound for Baker, with more instrumentation than we heard on 2017’s Turn Out The Lights, but the haunting beauty of her vocal remains. While the song was written two years ago, it feels perfectly cathartic for today. If this is only the first taste, we are all in for a treat with Little Oblivions, and we can’t wait.

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