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Premiere: Kate Boothman pictures the storm on “1000 Nights”

There’s an uneasiness that ebbs and flows in isolation. On any given day, I go from feeling so alone and fearful of the future, all the way to feeling thankful for this time with myself and inspired to find new ways to pass the time. Kate Boothman captures the full spectrum on “1000 Nights“, the release day single from her album My Next Mistake (which, if you didn’t catch that, is out TODAY!) We’re honoured to be premiering the track here on SSP this morning, but we definitely recommend you hopping over to wherever you stream music for a full listen once we’re done.

“I’ve got 30 days and 1000 nights to go” feels oddly prophetic with our current situation in Ontario. Another month in lockdown feels absolutely endless at this point. Kate morphs and molds this phrase as the track goes on, changing the tone of the music accompanying it to alter the emotion behind the lyrics. With the lackadaisical speed of the drums and guitar setting me up for something calming, the haunting melody of Kate’s vocals immediately unsettles me. But as the track builds, this one line is repeated a half dozen times. From feeling forlorn or resigned in the beginning, to almost showing you the light at the end of the tunnel by the end, “1000 Nights” is our guide through a full emotional journey of waiting. Kate had this to say about the song:

After a year in isolation, I think we can all relate to the art of just sitting there. “1000 Nights” is a picture of the storm from where I sit. Whether a loved one is away, a wound is healing, a milestone is looming, or you’re just hungry and waiting for a pizza or to be seen. “1000 Nights” is about the art of waiting.

Listen to “1000 Nights”:

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