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Guest Playlist: KILLBOY shares her killspirations alongside new single “Space”

We’ve been loving every song KILLBOY has released over the last year, but there’s something special about her latest single, “Space“. Heading in a more vulnerable, stripped-down direction from previous tracks, “Space” is for everyone who’s ever said they’re fine and then been mad when the other person didn’t automatically know they weren’t actually fine. The stripped version will tug a little harder at the heartstrings if you’re looking to make yourself cry on purpose… don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Watch the lyric video for “Space”:

With the range KILLBOY has been exhibiting on her singles, it makes us wonder where she gets her inspiration from and — you’ll never guess where we’re going with this — we got our answers straight from the source. Below, you’ll find an impressively long playlist with KILLBOY’s inspirations and it’s the perfect combination: new and nostalgic, poppy and mellow, tumblr and university house party. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find a bit of it here. Take a dive with us into KILLBOY’s mind, and enjoy her latest singles as you listen.

I love listening to shit that takes me back to easier, better times (aka middle school) and finding weird and inspiring songs.


Listen to KILLBOY’S guest playlist:


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Artist photo by Jimmy Fontaine

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