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Kylie V remains “On My Mind” with 90s tinged indie rock

With every passing day, my music taste revolves more and more around 90s-reminiscent artists. Am I becoming my parents? Are my tastes becoming rooted in what I heard in my formative years? Whether or not my interests are developing tunnel vision, I have “On My Mind” — the latest single from Kylie V — to support me through this crisis. And honestly? It’s a best case scenario.

I grew up in the era of Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, and bands whose audiences must have resembled a slow moving tide. Everyone swaying back and forth, with the fury of the sea contained within them. I get that same feeling when listening to Kylie V. Their music ebbs and flows, from softer moments that feel lost in thought to crashing choruses. But I think it’s the sudden falsetto in the second verse that really ties in to a 90s vibe — maybe more Cranberries than anything else.

Despite the familiar comfort of grungy indie rock, the track feels current and fresh. Equally as comfortable around current artists like PONY and Family Dinner (oh my god, please tour together), I’m crossing my fingers for Kylie V to lead this new 90s revival in the roaring 2020s. And when shows are back, it’ll be me mindlessly swaying in the front row.

If you’d like to support indie artists during this weird hell year, a great way to do that is through purchasing their music on Bandcamp!

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