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Lemondrop is anything but ‘wannabe’ on “Shut Up Move On” EP

Lemondrop is a self-proclaimed “Nashville based wannabe rock and aspiring Naked Brothers Band cover band,” and, while there have yet to be any NBB covers released, there is nothing ‘wannabe’ about this rock band. 

Taking cues from rock, alt, and country in their latest release, Shut Up Move On has Lemondrop strutting their smart and relatable lyrics, all the while grooving along to infectious instrumentals that you just can’t seem to get out of your head no matter how hard you try. At just over 18 minutes long, this short but loaded 5 song EP will have you going from dancing like you’re at a party pre-pandemic to shedding a tear or two, but enjoying yourself all the same.

Starting off strong with “Eye Candy,” Lemondrop sets a tone for the rest of the EP with the drums greeting us off the bat, quickly followed by guitars and bass with little to no other accompanying instruments. It gives off a DIY, yet polished, vibe that is prevalent throughout the rest of the tracks. Lamenting about feeling like “expired eye candy” and accented with a cry to want to go home, I relate a little too much, but could care less. As the track ebbs and flows between the accelerated lyrics in the verse and the calmer choruses that still maintain an underlying feeling of anxiety, we then move to my favorite song of the bunch, “Move a Little”. This catchy track has me wanting to do nothing more than drive down an empty freeway with the windows down, blasting it without a care in the world.

Next up is the first single of the EP, “Strawberry Wine”, where the rollicking guitar solo in this track has Lemondrop living up to their rock roots. They then slow it down with “Magic,” a song that will most definitely have you shed a tear or two as you become enveloped in a sense of longing for a love that isn’t there. Picking the listener back up is the final track “Stay”, and as the upbeat sounds fill out the song, it leaves me wishing that we could all hear this live and scream the ending lines with all our hearts. 

With full expectation that a majority of the songs on here will show up on my Spotify Wrapped, I will not be shutting up nor moving on from this EP or this band. Go give Shut Up Move On a listen (or two or ten) and jump on the Lemondrop train, as I don’t see them going anywhere but up.

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