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Photo Gallery: Lights at The Showbox (Seattle, WA)

I’ve been staring at a blank page for a while, trying to find the words to encapsulate Lights’ PEP tour. I don’t know if I’ll ever find the right ones to match how these shows made me feel. After hitting day one in Portland, I made the trek to Seattle for the opportunity to catch night two at The Showbox. I didn’t know ‘crying in the press pit’ was on my 2022 bingo card, but here we are.

Opening with “Prodigal Daughter” was the perfect way to start the set. Crowd chanting “baby I’m back” behind me, chills studding the skin on the back of my neck, barricades rattling as I crouched in front of the stage — it was all perfect. 

Long time fans lost their minds when the intro for “Ice” started. One of my favorite aspects of this tour is that it encompasses Lights’ entire discography. From the beginning to today, she curated a set list of tracks from every album — from The Listening to Dead End and of course tracks from PEP. The full new album dropped just days before the tour started and fans were still singing along to every word. 

Standing at the front of a crowd that’s loved an artist as long as I have, been carried through seasons of life on the backs of these records the way I have, was a surreal experience. I’ve adored every concert I’ve had the privilege of capturing on film up to this point. But this is one that will be forever ingrained in my brain. The energy Lights brings to the stage is unmatched. The amount of time, thought and talent put into this show is wildly evident. It’s a tour not to be missed, and if you go, it’s one you can’t forget. 

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Kenzie Miller

Kenzie is a writer and photographer from Portland, Oregon. She works three jobs and changes her hair color faster than she can choose what she wants for dinner. Her "free time" is spent editing the incorrect layer in photoshop, running out of room on her single SD card, and hyping up her friends. You can find more of her work at The Cheetah Press.

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