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Local Safari Keeps Summer Going Perpetually With “My Friend”

If you’re looking for an upbeat song to get you through the dreary winter months, look no further than Local Safari’s track, “My Friend.” Released in July, the song encompasses that summer feeling perfectly, and if you close your eyes, you’ll find yourself standing on a beach around a bonfire with all of your pals in the middle of the hottest season.

Lead vocalist Leah will capture your heart on this one — I couldn’t stop listening on repeat. She’s soulful and earnest and you can practically feel her dancing in the booth while she sings. The beat of the song matches her voice perfectly and will have you dancing along with every catchy riff.

Local Safari definitely allow their Australian roots to shine through in this one — it’s got a great “down under” vibe — but it’ll also be loved by anyone around the world with an appreciation for pop/rock. It’s a fun song to pop on your favorite driving playlist, even if you can’t roll down the windows and drive down the coast right now.

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