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LOCALLY SOURCED #1 – Rarity, Locket, J.R. + more

I’ve reached a point where I have too many Ontario bands I want to tell you about and not enough time to make the hundreds of individual posts. So welcome to Locally Sourced, my new efficient way of supporting our local scene. I hope this becomes a better method for music discovery. Maybe before you wouldn’t click a post if you didn’t know them… but maybe through this, you check for one band and find five new ones to love.

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Playlist cover photo (and header on this post) is by Brandon Dacosta!

Rarity – The Longest Lonesome

Y’know in Mean Girls when Cady says “I could feel them getting bored with me, but I couldn’t stop”? That’s me talking about Rarity CONSTANTLY to anyone that will listen. Every single has been better than the last, and then they hit us with THIS masterpiece of an album. It was the longest, lonesomest wait in the world, but it was absolutely worth it. I spent my first listen through trying to decide on a song for the playlist… and then I hit “Tiger Lily” and lost my entire mind. WHO IS THIS BAND?? What did we do to deserve them?? I am patiently waiting to go pick up my splatter vinyl.

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Locket – First Blush

This is my favourite song off of Locket’s upcoming album, All Out, and I’m so excited it’s out in the world. I’m going to lose what’s left of my mind when I get to hear it live. Locket’s been releasing their best work yet, both in terms of the music itself and the accompanying videos (directed by Brad & JJ, shot/edited by JJ, this band is nothing if not multi-talented). Album preorders went up today and yes, I did already lock down a copy of the vinyl (limited to 250, hurry up!!)

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J.R. – PAL

J.R.!!!! I’m calling it early, but I’m gonna be a diehard supporter. The two songs she’s released so far are just too good for me to not dedicate my life to her. “Pal” is definitely my favourite of the two, but I’m dying to see what comes next.

Fun Fact: I had to switch to listening to this song on Spotify only because I would forget to listen to the song with the video. She has the best tattoos and I kept watching it and getting lost in dreams about what I want to get.

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The Wilderness – Fall (Despite What You Do)

My friend Sam is running PR for this band and sent them my way. Now I find myself singing the chorus whenever I space out for a minute. Give my brain access to the controls for a second without me being there and this is where it goes automatically. They’ve got a ton more singles coming this year which I am​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​very much looking forward to. The video just dropped today and I really like it as well, but it’s making me want to paint violently and I have nowhere to do such a thing. Guess I’ll just SUFFER.

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Sicayda – Two’s

I never fully got into new wave or post-punk music before, but recently I’ve had a bunch of bands coming up all at once that I love. Sicayda is right near the top of the list. Their EP Sown is worth a full listen (or 100), but “Two’s” is a standout. Sometimes it makes me feel peaceful, other times I have to turn it off because it spikes my anxiety. Music is wild, let me know how it affects you.

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FRANKIIE – Compare

My obsession with beautiful vocal harmonies says hello. FRANKIIE is bringing me exactly what I’m always looking for and will never tire of. And the spoken word part in the bridge? I feel like I used to hate that until I got into hardcore/post-hardcore music, and now I love it whenever it’s used. So many pieces came together to make me love this song, and now here we are!

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Skeleton Club – Garbonzo

Please… do not let the alarming intro to this music video deter you. I almost did that. I saw ketchup and peaced the fuck out. But I’m so glad I convinced myself to keep going because I’m OBSESSED with this song, and the video is incredible as well. The combination… it almost seems unfair that they were able to get it all *this* right. The intro to the song feels like a video game, but then it shifts and becomes just… perfect. It’s perfect.

(note: these guys aren’t from Toronto but Montreal is…. close enough, right?)

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Allan Rayman – Stitch

Do you have like an hour free to discuss Allan Rayman’s voice with me?? Please. Please make time, I need to talk about this. It’s so raspy but so strong, you can’t see me right now but my hands are on my temples and my eyes are closed while I try to process. Impossible.

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PINE – Sunder

I thought “Maladroit” was going to easily be my fave PINE song ever. It blew me away when they released it. But now… here I am, realizing that “Sunder” is even better. I was looking forward to the album already, of course, but now I’m realizing like… I have no idea what to expect. And that’s even more exciting.

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New Design – Where I Need To Be

New Design released their EP Where I Need To Be back in June, and the title track is easily my fave. The song goes through so many different sounds and moods, it’s like having a 3 act musical condensed into a four minute song. You can’t get bored of this song, it takes you on too much of a journey to ever settle in to it.

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The Drew Thomson Foundation – Phone Ring

Drew Thomson is one of my fave artists right now. I’m looking SO forward to this album, only one more week to go!! Every song feels like an anthem, I keep screenshotting posters for his EP release show whenever I see it but keep forgetting to get a ticket, and I haven’t preordered the vinyl either……. I’ll be right back.

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