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Locally Sourced #10 – Valley, nodisco, Cindë + more

Welcome back to Locally Sourced, our playlist for exclusively the best Ontario (and Canada) has to offer. With such an overwhelming amount of music being released lately, it was extra hard to condense this list. But I dug in and really tried to narrow it down to ten. I got it to eleven. Have you followed the playlist yet? The last month or two has been jam packed with new releases, and you won’t want to miss any of them.

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Valley – sucks to see you doing better

I genuinely can’t understand how Valley is able to churn out earworms in their sleep. It shouldn’t be possible for a band to have every song on a single EP be this catchy. Usually I get one track stuck in my head… but what do I do when it’s all six at the same time? Their brand of indie pop feels so accessible and inclusive, it’s impossible not to love them. They’re going to be the next global band out of Toronto and I can’t wait to see it happen.

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nodisco. – Fond

Speaking of artists who can’t stop writing pop hits… we’ve got another one. nodisco. is the last artist I saw live before the pandemic hit, and it was an amazing final memory of the Before Times. I don’t think he played “Fond” live that night, but now I have something to look forward to. The video is perfect for the song as well. I love when artists are able to seamlessly blend their visual content with the music *chef’s kiss*.

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Cindë – A Year Ago Today

The latest from Cindë is so smooth and silky, it makes my head feel like it’s floating in the clouds. It makes me miss an ex I don’t have. It’s got a retro feel meshed with 808s and modern vocals. It’s comforting in the familiarity of nostalgia, but interesting and unique in its newer style choices. A perfect balance.

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The OBGMs – Outsah

I’m so beyond excited for The OBGMs new album (which is out this Friday, by the way). They’ve been a fantastic band for years, but these new singles are signalling towards something even greater. Every track is so unabashedly punk. They don’t hold back at all. It’s such a shame we won’t be hearing it live in the pit any time soon. Click here for our new interview with Denz!

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MONOWHALES – All or Nothing

MONOWHALES has been sprinting up the Canadian radio charts this year. Every song they release is just like…. everywhere. And I couldn’t be more thrilled! Their songs are always full of sing-a-long choruses and the bounciest guitar riffs. “All or Nothing” is no exception, so onto my Spotify “On Repeat” playlist it goes. It’s out of my control.

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Year Over Year – A Short Swim

We premiered Year Over Year‘s last single “Hell” back in September. I loved that track, but this one is really something special. I think I’m also really partial to the video and how everything seems to tie together. In the last video, he was being buried in his bathtub. Now we’ve got a whole monstera. Growth!

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Drives the Common Man – Night Vision

Drives The Common Man delivers the same brand of acoustic guitar heavy pop rock that I love from bands like This Wild Life. It’s perfect autumn driving music, toeing the line right between energetic and calming in a way that lets you experience both at once. Andrew bares his soul, singing about his own experiences with substance abuse and just living for going out.

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Strange Breed – Reputation

Strange Breed has released easily one of my favourite songs of the season. Every verse/chorus hits me in a different way. If I ever find a way to stop shouting “I want you cold, I want you dead” in the chorus, I’ll let you know. I’m kind of hoping I don’t figure it out because god, the serotonin I experience… it’s bliss. An anthem screaming out against sexual assault, it is absolutely cathartic for anyone who’s ever dealt with it — directly or indirectly. I think we all know someone we want cold & dead. Am I wrong?

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fanclubwallet – Car Crash in G Major

The intro to this track reminded me of “We’re Going To Be Friends” by The White Stripes. And then as soon as the lyrics came in, it became uniquely a fanclubwallet track. It feels delightfully DIY and from the heart. It feels like it should be in the soundtrack to a teen niche indie movie. And then while listening to their Spotify artist profile on shuffle… they gifted me with a Talking Heads cover. So now this is my favourite band.

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The Free Label ft. Oleyada – Toys

I just love The Free Label. You can tell how much fun they’re having making music together, and it makes you have fun with them. The bass line is always a special part of their music, but this song is made magical with the addition of xylophone (or a different idiophone?) to the mix. Bringing Oleyada‘s vocals in was also a perfect touch, adding a heavenly higher register to the vocals. Their music sounds the way it feels to have a good day.

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Pretty Matty – You’re Not There

Pretty Matty makes some of the catchiest power pop, only rivalled by his own partner & bandmate (PONY). I feel like it’s extra catchy and fun because the songs are so quick. Like a delicious snack that’s just the right size to be satisfying, but not big enough to make you feel sick. I do always wish the songs were longer because I don’t want them to end so soon (I’m the same way about snacks). But it makes it easy to get through all your faves in one listening session. You only have to dedicate a half hour to get through the whole catalogue. But unlike snacks, Pretty Matty music lasts forever, so you can just start again from the beginning.

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