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LOCALLY SOURCED #4 – Locket, sour happy, iris + more

Welcome back to Locally Sourced, my home base for sharing the best Ontario (and Canada) has to offer. It took me a little longer than intended to get this post up because I’ve been crying over Hunnie for two weeks and had to pull myself together. Should we jump right in?

It’s always hard to narrow it down to a handful, so check back soon for part 5!

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Locket – Hunnie

This song is like a dream (I’m a mess) and I’ve been unable to get past my initial feelings, which are… I don’t know, I just put my head in my hands and astral project. I’m not here when this song is playing. Actually, JJ set up a camera at the Toronto show so there’s footage somewhere of me quietly crying to this song and I hate that it’s just… out there. I don’t want to be dramatic but this might actually be the best love song ever written.

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sour happy – lvl 1

This thumbnail is what I look like when Locket plays “Hunnie”. The video? Entirely different vibe. Joey & Cory have a boyband side project when they’re not busy being in my two favourite bands, which means I guess they’re gonna end up being in my third favourite band as well. Canadians, you’ll be upset by Hexidecimal flashing on the screen (or was I the only one severely traumatized by this?) but the music makes up for the emotional suffering. The first few times I listened, I was too bewildered by the video to really listen, but then I moved over to Spotify… highly recommend you follow this model as well.

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Jackie – Lifetime in a Touch

This song needs to be on a movie soundtrack. I remember discovering bands through guest appearances on shows like Pretty Little Liars where cool bands performed at their school dance or whatever, and I just… I want Jackie to do that. The energy in this song would be so perfect for something banking on 80s/90s teen movie nostalgia. At the same time, this song is also perfect for anyone who loves pop music but gets bored of it all starting to blend together and sound the same. “Lifetime in a Touch” easily stands out from the crowd.

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iris – Clementine

Before we even get into the song, can I take a moment and say how much I love the artwork? Thanks. I love iris because it’s like shoegaze with a little extra kick (I think it’s the drums that really click for me). For some reason, the voice that came in at 0:57 scared the hell out of me. It’s like I thought a new person ran into my room to sing? No idea, but I nearly fell unconscious from the fear of it all. “Clementine” really brings something to the table for everyone.

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Kasador – Brood & Bloom

I’ve got a longer Kasador post coming, but I wanted to share them here too. They put out their self-released record Brood & Bloom earlier this fall and just released the video for the title track.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ I love the look of this video, I love the sound of the whole album. I just love Kasador and will be eternally thankful to Kate for bringing me to a show.

I went to catch their set in Hamilton last weekend and — no big deal — I think I literally almost got kidnapped off the street after the show? Long story, but the important part is that I ran back to the venue to hide and the band made sure I got to my car safe so I could get home kidnapping-free. Nothing better than finding a band who makes quality music… and then confirming that they’re also quality people. A++

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Skeleton Club – Doomfox

I found Skeleton Club earlier this year and I’ve been so intrigued by everything they’ve released since. Each song has an entirely different feel to it, but they’re each fantastic for their own reasons. Zoom ahead to the 2:30 mark for a nice surprise. This band consistently keeps me on my toes and I appreciate that every time I think I know what’s happening, they make a sharp left turn into the unknown.

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Basement Revolver – Have I Been Deceived

A few weeks ago, Jamie (Heavy Hearts) was at a show in Hamilton and texted me to check out Basement Revolver. Then I realized I had their new single on my list of things to listen to, and now here we are. I’m in love. This song makes me think of The Cranberries, but also… there’s another 90s band and I can hear the song in my head but the moment I try to focus on it, the memory slips away. If you can connect which song this reminds you of, please tell me and help break me free from this curse.

I finally made the connection. I was just thinking of two different Cranberries songs. I’m very dumb, but Basement Revolver is amazing so we balance each other out.

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The Blue Stones – Shakin’ Off The Rust

Remember when 5SOS released ​​​​​​​Youngblood and I couldn’t listen to the album without dancing the entire time? Thank you to The Blue Stones for bringing that energy back into my life. Had to type this out a couple words at a time because I was too busy dancing (or shakin’ off the rust, if you will). The pre-chorus section is my absolute favourite, and it reminds me of the Mutemath/Twenty One Pilots collab… which is INTERESTING, because their producer, Paul Meany, has worked with both artists. Reminds me a bit of Royal Blood as well, I’m immediately a huge fan.

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4 Minutes Later – Bad Love (ft. Laur Elle)

When One Direction broke up, each of the members continued on as a solo artist within a different genre. This feels like something from the Liam Payne arm of the machine. R&B-infused pop music with smooth vocals, it comfortably settles into the grooves of any playlist. The music video starts out so cute and sends my FOMO into hyperdrive, and then quickly swings over into anxiety-inducing territory when the vinyl records become the victims in this bad relationship. R.I.P. y’all.

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Scenic Route to Alaska – Give A Little

This is one of those songs where the music video elevates the listening experience instead of distracting. I’ve become so invested in this little reporter’s career arc, and through that I’ve also become entirely invested in this song. Scenic Route to Alaska is releasing their fifth full-length record next year, which means I’ve got a lot of music to catch up on before that time. I can only hope the new music will bring me more insights into Clara’s journey.

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