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LOCALLY SOURCED #5 – PONY, Mike McPhee, Peacemaker + more

Welcome back to Locally Sourced, our playlist for exclusively the best Ontario (and occasionally more of Canada) has to offer. The theme of this collection of songs seems to be “waiting”… partially due to the fact that multiple songs carry that exact title. But we’ve also been waiting years for this new PONY track, and it’s been a bit of a wait since our last LS instalment as well. We’re very excited to show off the nine new songs you’ll find below.

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PONY – Limerence

A few years ago, To The Front brought their music photography showcase to Toronto. Sam from PONY played a couple songs and it took me all of like… 3 minutes to be completely hooked. I’ve been dying since then for new music, and this fall finally brought me what I’ve been waiting for. Sometimes a song connects with me so exactly that I don’t even feel comfortable tweeting lyrics because I feel like I’m calling myself out. “Limerence” does exactly that for me.

Homestead – Lifeline

The intro to this song made me think I was going to get something acoustic singer-songwriter… which just made the shift at the 30 second mark that much more satisfying. This track from Homestead’s new EP is moody and sultry and it sounds like what I’d imagine it would feel like to smash glass with a baseball bat in slow motion.

Side note: There’s a song from the last couple years that has very similar energy to this song and if you know what it is, please tell me. I cannot recall it, but I know I love them both. Is it “13” by Allan Rayman? Maybe partially. Please help.

Seatkickr – Hands

My ears perked up as soon as I heard the lyrics “… or maybe a man with a chainsaw, he’d kill us all” and Seatkickr had my full attention from there on out. This song starts out so dreamy, but the energy grows and shapeshifts as you move through it. It takes you on a full journey in just over three minutes.

Mike McPhee – Waiting

This music video is extremely cool, but more importantly it’s absolutely fucking terrifying. Until the dancing skeleton makes his appearance, and then I feel completely at ease. The song itself is far less terrifying. Actually, it’s very pleasant and soothing, a stark contrast to the accompanying video content. I can only pray the dancing skeleton is a part of Mike’s live shows.

Justin Beauchamp – Another Fantasy

First off: harmonies. *chef’s kiss* Second: Every time this song ends, I don’t realize we’re already at that point and feel totally despondent that it’s over… despite the fact that I can just listen to it again. In fact, I do just listen to it again and again, but for some reason it still hurts me every time it’s done. I think that counts for something.

Soul Push – Calypso

I’m a sucker for Greek mythology, so this appealed to me on multiple levels (mainly the “we’re referencing Greek mythology” level and the “we wrote a really insanely good song” level). I didn’t expect the vocals to take such a strong approach (I was expecting like… MGMT “Electric Feel” maybe?) but I absolutely love it. It demands your attention, and they definitely have mine. I feel like there’s definitely a Calypso reference to be made here about her (the band) not letting me leave the island (the song) to return to my normal life. However, I have no complaints.

Kasador – Waiting

Kasador’s new album Brood & Bloom is an absolute gift, I could talk about it all day. The band just released the video for “Waiting” and it’s my absolute favourite style of music video (behind the scenes clips from life with the band). This track is one of the album highlights for me, and the video totally elevates the experience.

Peacemaker – Rolling

Peacemaker is a band I’ve been keeping a really close eye on. I really love their music and I’m constantly waiting to see what they do next. Right now, they’ve released their latest single “Rolling” after the beauty that was “Relics” back in September. I don’t often say ~this band deserves more fans!!~ because… most bands do. But I really can’t wait to watch this band blow the hell up. I’d bet money that 2020’s gonna be a big year for them.

The Dirty Nil – Christmas At My House

It’s the holidays. How could I not throw in one Christmas song right at the end?? The Dirty Nil released a holiday song for those of us who are perhaps ~over~ the classics. Now we love to sing carols about expired eggnog. Maybe tracks like this will become a staple of Christmas at my house going forward. Maybe I’ll get ex-communicated from my family. Only time will tell.

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Paige is a writer & creative multi-hyphenate living in Hamilton, Canada. Every band she loves breaks up eventually, but she can't find the witch who cursed her to this life. You can find more of her work on Billboard, Consequence of Sound, A.Side, and Paige Backstage.

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