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LOCALLY SOURCED #7 – Flowerless, First Breath, Grizzly Coast + more

Welcome back to Locally Sourced, our playlist for exclusively the best Ontario has to offer. While sheltering in place, I’ve found it very hard to feel creative and inspired, and not for a lack of trying to force it. These songs are the ones that have made me feel something and forget our current conditions, if only for a moment. I hope they can do the same for you.

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Flowerless – Origami

Did you love Nightwell’s new album? Lead singer Jason Emsallem has launched his own solo project under the name Flowerless and it’s a nice balance to have both in my life. Listening to Nightwell makes me feel alive during the day, but Flowerless accesses the same feelings and thought provoking ideas while also being much more soothing before trying to sleep at night. Or during the day. I don’t know, time is irrelevant at this point.

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nodisco. – Luv U Early

nodisco. was the last show I saw before we all went home and stayed home indefinitely. I’m so glad I have this memory to hang onto until we get to see live music once again, because it was SO much fun. It was the most packed I’ve seen the Horseshoe in years and for Chris’ first ever show AND as an artist with only three songs out… the energy was surreal.

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Grizzly Coast – Catch & Release

I really enjoyed Alannah’s track “Half Light Boy” last year, so I was excited to see another new song out from Grizzly Coast! Then in that moment, I also got to experience the revelation that she’d put out two other singles that I totally missed. So now I get to dive into a handful of new indie rock songs. Apparently there’s an EP on its way soon, so I’m keeping my eyes extra open this time so I don’t accidentally miss anything ever again.

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Nickie Minshall – Watch Your Step

Nickie put out her debut single today and it’s just…. so beautiful. She describes it as “a warm-you-up indie pop ballad for over-thinkers seeking change” and damn if that doesn’t describe me in isolation, nothing does. The one common theme in my life is my love for vocal harmonies, and this song serves up plenty of them.

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Scenic Route to Alaska – Call Your Friends

This band hand-delivers some of the best music videos I’ve seen this side of the millennium, and the music is equally as fun and enjoyable. I’m always excited to see they’re doing something new because there’s no question it’s going to be the same quality content. “Call Your Friends” doubles as a great piece of advice for what to do at least once a week until we’re allowed to socialize again, phone anxiety be damned.

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Lennon Stella – Summer Feelings

Lennon Stella has a voice so perfect, it seems she must have been trained by the gods themselves… while also sounding so effortless that it feels like she was just born this way. I have no idea what the truth is, but this fun summer track was a nice balance to a more moody and sensitive album released earlier this year. Wherever she goes, I will follow.

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First Breath – Falling Out

A genre I don’t usually dive into at all, but I am finding my way into… emo rap? I don’t know, genre is dead and everything is inspired by a billion things. But I saw Corbin Giroux released music as part of a new project with Connor Murphy and had to give it a shot. Turns out I love it. Every day is a new adventure! The whole EP is such a quick listen, it’s almost startling when you realize it’s already over, but “Falling Out” was definitely the standout track for me.

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Mike McPhee – Play It

Mike’s music is so relaxing and non-threatening, but the visuals he pairs with them make me UNEASY. It’s funny because I always love the songs on their own, but I have to think of them differently when paired with the videos. I end up having two entirely different perspectives of the same track. I’m somehow getting double the amount of music, I feel like I’m pulling off some kind of heist. Depending on the day you’re having, listen with or without the video. It’s your choice.

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Fade Awaays – I Won’t Lie

I saw Fade Awaays perform this song live at a Ones To Watch show back in the fall and have been waiting to finally hear it again. I’m obsessed with this band and genuinely can’t wait to see them take off in the UK (listen to their music and tell me they’re not going to be playing the BBC1 tent at Reading Fest in a couple years). I’ve been shockingly comfortable with staying at home 24/7 for the last two months, but this song makes me want to take a drive through cottage country. 😢

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Billy Talent – I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)

There have literally only been 8 years of my life where I didn’t listen to Billy Talent, and it’s because I found them when I was 9. “I Beg To Differ” reminds me of BT III, which I love. I couldn’t imagine them making anything from before that era as grown adults no longer experiencing teen angst. This feels appropriate for their current selves, and also for *my* current self. The divine timing on this release is delivering a great message into my subconscious.

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Heavy Hearts – Out of Reach

I honestly thought “Safe Bet” was my favourite of Heavy Hearts’ new singles from their upcoming album Room With A View until I listened to “Out of Reach” 50 times. Don’t get me wrong… the three singles are probably my three top songs on Spotify this year, so I obviously love them all. However, there’s something about this song that just keeps getting better the more you listen. I never really get it stuck in my head in an annoying way, it always feels comfortable. Plus, I notice new things in the mix every time I listen (which is great news because I have it on good authority that you will find out more about the making of the song on this YouTube channel soon).

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