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LOCALLY SOURCED #9 – Jeen, New Design, Sylo Nozra + more

Welcome back to Locally Sourced, our playlist for exclusively the best Ontario has to offer. I’ve been called back to working in-office so if you’re wondering why my newfound daily posting schedule has disappeared… there ya go. I finally had a few minutes to write and thought this was the best way to share as many things with you as I could in one go. There’s lots of incredible new music in Ontario right now, you won’t want to miss any of it.

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Jeen – Deep End

The perfect song for 2020. An uplifting beat that can easily pull you out of the worst funk, but lyrics that reflect the defeated, tired feeling I think we’re all sliding through the year with. Jeen‘s new album is out on October 9th (pre-save it on Spotify), and I can’t wait to hear it.

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New Design – Forward

New Design has this uncanny ability to create an infinite number of songs that all sound massive. They fill the room with an overwhelming presence, I don’t fully know how to describe it. You have to stop everything you’re doing while you listen because there’s only room for the song. “Forward” is no exception. New Design’s new EP What Was Left Unsaid will be out on September 18th (pre-order on Bandcamp). The EP is mainly made up of B-sides from the recording of their 2019 album, but I can confirm it’s just as strong as the A-sides.

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Talking Violet – Indigo

If you like The Cranberries, you’re gonna love Talking Violet. Such a similar feeling while listening to their music, it’s so airy and floaty. Kind of feels like being at a high school dance and wondering if your crush will ask you to slow dance, except without… y’know, all the trauma of high school. I get the feeling this one is going to stay on my playlists for years to come.

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B.U.D. – What’s the Point of This (If I’m Not Into It)

This song is FUN. Just pure fun. I could listen to it for hours. In fact, I probably will (and perhaps already have)! I used to be a fan of Gold Finch, so I’m excited to have new music from Omar. Even more than that, I’m excited for a sick green screen music video. Honestly, just loving any artists that take distancing seriously and create something cool at home right now. I feel like this is a perfect introduction to B.U.D. while we wait for more music (please god, tell me there is more of this on the way).

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erase her – Private Anxiety

If only Stranger Things didn’t use exclusively 80s music… I’ve got a contender for the soundtrack. “Private Anxiety” has that perfect mix of electronic elements and mysterious “the walls are closing in” atmosphere to throw it in the upside down. Don’t listen to erase her for the first time while driving, I have a theory it’ll send you too deep into your own mind to focus on the road.

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Sylo Nozra – Citrus

This video made me laugh out loud more than once, but the song itself is just… *chefs kiss* perfection. The chorus is catchy without being grating, the bass line circulates through my body like blood through my veins, and the production is so smooth. It’s so nice to see Toronto being acknowledged on a global scale, because I know that means Sylo Nozra is just one step away from taking over the planet.

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dad sports – name & place

Replace the music in the tunnel scene of Perks of Being A Wallflower with “name & place” and it still works perfectly. There are some effects used that take me back to my high school iPod, something very indietronica happening here. Might just immediately be obsessed with dad sports if I’m being honest.

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KNIFEY – Savage

KNIFEY are starting to remind me of Cake and I’m super into it. A little surf rock, a little spoken word vocals, a dash of sick harmonies. They’ve been making consistently good music for years, but I think this one is my fave so far. If anyone has the means to make a mashup of “Savage” and “Going The Distance”…. lemme know.

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METZ – Hail Taxi

I didn’t get a chance to write about “A Boat To Drown In” before METZ was already releasing their next single. But god, both of these tracks are foreshadowing really amazing things for their new album, Atlas Vending (pre-order here). Noise rock is a great outlet right now for my frustrations, I think this record is going to be spun in my home until the needle goes right through the vinyl.

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Seatkickr – Your Tie

At the end of last year, I shared the first single from Seatkickr and was excited for more. Nearly a year later, we’re finally getting more music and it’s SO GOOD. Absolutely worth the wait. When the bridge comes in at around 1:54, I end up loving the song even more. Which didn’t even seem possible! I love when songs start strong and still have another higher point to reach. Seatkickr is one of the local artists I’m most excited about right now.

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Low Float – Debt

Low Float is creating some sick lo-fi beats to study to. I absolutely put “Debt” and “Here Before” on whenever I really need to focus. It’s like the bass keeps me moving in one direction and feeling goal-oriented? How can a song be that powerful?? We just don’t know. But Low Float is that powerful. I love the lo-fi beats, I love his voice, I love it all.

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