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Lord Huron evokes profound nostalgia on ‘Long Lost’

For the past month, I’ve been enamoured with Lord Huron’s latest album release, Long Lost. If you’ve been yearning for an album that delivers just the right amount of western and folk rock… Long Lost will satisfy your every desire.

This beautifully produced album takes you back in time and evokes a profound feeling of nostalgia. With every listen, I find myself peeling back the multiple layers of this timeless record. Discovering brand new things to fall in love with. Long Lost causes my imagination to run wild, and I begin to envision myself in two separate scenarios. 

Scenario 1: I’m sitting in a studio audience basking in the ambiance of Lord Huron. 

Scenario 2: I’m traveling through the wild west as dawn approaches with the windows rolled down. 

There’s nothing I love more than when an album possesses cinematic elements and causes my mind to wander off into another dimension. When I first listened to Long Lost, I couldn’t help but praise how perfectly orchestrated this album is. The way every single song transitions into the next. How every word that escapes Ben Schneider’s lips drip with heavy emotion. The transparent lyricism and the divine instrumental are truly a match made in heaven.

The interludes, “(One Helluva Performer)”, “(Sing For Us Tonight)”, and “(Deep Down Inside Ya)” add to the classic retro vibe Long Lost delivers throughout the album.

I have to rave about the final track on the record, “Time Blur”. For 14 minutes, I laid on the ground and allowed the music to take me wherever it wanted to. I went into a meditative state of mind and felt a blanket of peace fall upon me. “Time Blur” is mesmerizing and — in my humble opinion — would fit wonderfully in a major motion picture. Particularly a film about traveling through outer space. “Time Blur” is the perfect name for this track. As soon as it begins to fill up the room, time comes to a grinding halt. It’s fascinating to me how music has that power. This final track was the perfect way to conclude such a sensational album.

Once again, Lord Huron has captivated my soul, and won my heart. 

It’s evident that there was a lot of hard work poured into creating Long Lost. This divinely crafted album deserves to be heard and adored by the masses. I’ve been a huge Lord Huron fan ever since I discovered “The Night We Met”. To witness their musical evolution is truly a sight to behold. 

I’m looking forward to seeing Lord Huron on tour this fall, and hearing this album in person. 

Well done, Lord Huron.

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