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Guest Playlist: Love You Later reconnects with herself on “Keepintouch”

I need to hit a quota of songs I discover each year that belong on a coming-of-age movie soundtrack. Love You Later helped me cross that off my list early this year with their new single “Keepintouch“, a beautifully heartbreaking alt-pop track. One of those that you dance to until you listen to the lyrics a little too closely and end up sobbing in a heap on your couch. Not speaking from experience, of course… anyway, moving right along —

“Keepintouch” was born from the feeling of disconnection & loneliness after a relationship goes temporarily long distance (the plight of touring musicians everywhere). That feeling of suddenly being alone again can be jarring, but a great reminder of how important it is to be content and comfortable with yourself first & foremost. But achieving that balance between reconnecting with yourself and not neglecting other relationships adds another complicated layer to everything. Honestly, don’t know how any of us are meant to juggle all of our adult responsibilities at once — but it leads to immaculate tracks like this one, so we’re not complaining!

I love getting to dive a little deeper into the songs that inspire me, to find out what inspires their own creation. Lucky for us, Lexi Aviles (Ms. Love You Later herself!) put together a playlist for us of the songs that inspire her as she creates. Listen to “Keepintouch” and eavesdrop with us on her On Repeat playlist below!

“These are all songs that I just can’t stop listening to, no matter how hard I try. And because of that, it’s impossible for them not to rub off on me creatively in some way. They all seem to put me in a good mood even if the lyrics aren’t the happiest, and I hope that’s how my music makes people feel too!”

Lexi Aviles, Love You Later

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