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Luna Li takes us into an enchanted forest of self-love for ‘Afterglow’ video

Toronto’s favorite moon fairy, Luna Li — in collaboration with HUH x Rosanna Peng — has created a world away from the monotony of civilization and entered into a magical forest filled with streams of greens and a warm glow in her video for “Afterglow“. The fuzzy, ethereal dreamscape encompasses the peace and fervor felt in Li’s airy voice and sublime style. She is evocative of an elvish princess, playing her harp and violin alone yet content in the forest.

However, not all is well in this fantasy. Three artists are shown painting self-portraits with the artwork belittling them. Directed by Rosanna Peng, she explains her vision for this story: “The ‘Afterglow’ music video is a world and concept based on tackling our own negative beliefs as artists,” Peng explains, “Each of the paintings come to life and the artists are faced with their own self-doubt.”

Luckily, Li is there to act as a “godmother” of sorts and sprinkles her magic onto the artists. She shares her own struggles in dealing with uncertainty. “I wrote this song about realizing my own self-worth and learning how to love myself,” says Li, “After coming out on the other side of a tough and painful experience, I felt the ‘Afterglow’—a celebration of resilience and a realization of self-love.”

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