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Luna Li gifts clarity and mysticality in instrumental ‘jams’ EP

If nobody got me, I know Luna Li got me! The Toronto based musician is back with more treasures for the soul. On Feb. 5, she released jams, an EP filled with beautifully layered instrumentation and much-needed serotonin.

The release comes after many requests from fans wanting to hear more instrumentals on streaming platforms so they “can fall asleep to this every night.” Luna Li — aka Hannah Bussiere — frequently posts quick snippets of tunes she has crafted on her social media pages, visualizing her creativeness and talent of being a multi-instrumentalist. 

Let this be engraved in the minds of moon fairies everywhere: ask, and it will be given to you.

The 10-track EP is accompanied by the release of a visualizer, showcasing Bussiere jamming out in her bedroom while playing a variety of instruments. Being the talented, ethereal goddess she is, one can’t help but attempt to match her energy. As she grooves to the beat, we follow suit and jam out to the sounds of heaven in the confines of our own bedrooms. 

From beginning to end, listeners are transported out of their beds, flying towards a kingdom in the clouds. Li gets us ready for takeoff by providing us wings, guiding audiences through the ethereal landscape. Images of soft, orangey skies pass by while Li serenades the passenger with her harp. Although high up, there’s no need to worry about falling. Her music reassures us of faith and optimism, sending a blissful aura our way.       

Traveling through the celestial atmosphere, we’re reminded of Li’s soft, dreamlike vocals in “baby shred.” Although there are no lyrics, she produces a soulful chant which is accompanied by the melodic riffs of her guitar, letting the string instrument do the speaking for her.   

At times, it feels like Bussiere’s instruments are having a private conversation with each other, and we’re eavesdropping on their private exchange. In songs like “harp jam” and “staying in,” the guitar is conversing with the respective string instruments of each track. There isn’t any conflict, only a discourse on balance and understanding. 

The only qualm I have with this EP is its short duration. At 10 minutes long, I danced and flirted with Li’s musicality only for it to escape out of sight at the stroke of midnight. I yearn for more psychedelic, orchestral instrumentals and manifest an album to sweep me off my feet once again.   
Luckily, Luna Li doesn’t leave us stranded on the dance floor. In an interview with BRICKS magazine, she announced her new single, “Cherry Pit,” set to be released on Feb. 23. Perhaps this is also a new lesson from the sublime artist: good things will come to those who wait. Until then, I will continue to relish the dreamscape of jams.

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