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LVVRS share fresh take on Eagles classic, “One of These Nights”

Calling all classic rock and 70s music fans — particularly those who appreciate American rock band the Eagles.  Louisiana-bred pop-rock band LVVRS (pronounced “lovers”) released a cover of the Eagles’ groovy ballad “One of These Nights” that sounds like you’ve never heard before. 

For those unfamiliar with LVVRS, the up-and-coming pop-rock band describes themselves as a “modern Americana” rock band.  The group brings us the confidence and heart of modern rockers, with the upbeat dance-vibe and attention to sonic detail often seen with major pop artists. 

They are known for songs like “Cry for Me,” “Dreams,” and “Iconic” that might (be warned) just inspire you to break out into dance or jam wherever you are.  Consistently building their repertoire, they released two singles last year titled “Your Body, My Body” and “Edge of the Night.”

For those unfamiliar with the Eagles or their ’75 track “One of These Nights,” well…shame on you, please go educate yourself!  “One of These Nights,” written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, was the title track of their One of These Nights album and helped elevate the album to number one.  It became their second single — after “Best of My Love” — to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Billboard actually praised the song’s strong harmonies and compared it to the Eagles’ earlier song “Witchy Woman.”

While several other bands have covered the song, LVVRS has created a version that’s edgy and new; and, their cover sticks closer to the original than Montigo Rim’s soul cover of the same song that was released in 2020.  The cover starts softer than the original and transitions into clean, crisp vocals and guitar reverbs that give the classic song a fresh pop take while still presenting the same groovy vibes of the original.  

Of course, no one can replace the seasoned, husky voice of Don Henley; however, River Gibson, who briefly appeared on “American Idol” in 2015, gives us Adam Levine smoothness with his voice backed by high-note harmonies. 

The original song features a bluesy guitar solo by Don Felder that contains sustained string bends that use a unique distortion tone.  Austin Doré of LVVRS on the guitar does it justice with licks that even true Eagles fans will certainly love to hear. 

So, as Valentine’s Day is about a month away if you’re looking for a lover, don’t have just one: choose LVVRS and take them for a spin by listening to their new cover and then some. 

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