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LVVRS get “Your Body, My Body” moving with dance-friendly new song

During these last few weeks, with winter setting in, I’ve been leaning towards slow and sad songs, as is the mood of the weather outside. I’d almost forgotten about the energy and lighthearted joy that exists in peppy music, until I listened to “Your Body, My Body” by LVVRS

The song starts with a plucky guitar tune, already setting a beat and a major key that sets the tone for the happy feeling the song conveys, even before the singing began. The lead singer, River Gibson, has a smooth and vibrant voice, and great control in his switches from falsetto to his regular voice. His singing feels warm and comfortable, and never sparked that uncomfortable feeling which arises from feeling the singer is straining their voice to hit a high note. 

The song is upbeat and poppy, very reminiscent of The Chainsmokers — if The Chainsmokers put more emphasis on their vocals and added a little more guitar in the mix.

Additionally, the drums which came in around the second verse and the chorus had a very clear beat, accentuating the rhythm that already had my foot tapping. 

This song feels like it would be a part of a teen movie, played in the background of a montage where the two love interests finally start dating. All their “new relationship” scenes would be interspersed with a scene of them having a dance party, of course, because I can’t imagine a time when this song wouldn’t make someone want to get up and dance. This is perfect for morning energy, and I can definitely see myself blasting this on morning drives.

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Diya Chatterjee

Diya is a writer, currently going to New York University, who describes her taste in music as 'sad women and boy bands'. She's always listening to music, including Taylor Swift, Hardcastle, and anything in between. She takes pride in her extensive Spotify playlists and the fact that she met the Band CAMINO once, and loves ranting about music production to anyone that'll listen.

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