Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey - Forget Me Too video stills

Machine Gun Kelly & Halsey duel in new video for “Forget Me Too”

Machine Gun Kelly has said that he wants to normalize artists doing multiple types of music, and normalize it he has. His latest album, Tickets To My Downfall, was released in September. It’s a pop-punk masterpiece – a bit of a shock, if you only knew him from his previous four rap albums. Today he’s back with a new video for the album’s next single, “Forget Me Too” with Halsey.

If you listen to this song with your eyes closed, I swear you can feel the sun beating on your shoulders and taste the dirt in your mouth as you’re bounced around a mid-2000’s Warped Tour mosh pit. Produced and co-written by Travis Barker and Omer Fedi, “Forget Me Too” is a drum-heavy duel between two people whose toxic relationship they can’t quite let go of. Whether or not you’ve had a similar relationship in your own life, lyrics like “it’s an emotional kaleidoscope when I face you” could make anyone want to belt it at the top of their lungs.

In the video we see MGK and Halsey, along with Travis Barker, bring the song to life through shattered glass, slammed doors and screaming matches. The high-energy video matches the feeling of the song perfectly – check it out below:

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