Madelline video still from late night text

Madelline lays down the law with “late night text”

In case no one told you today, you deserve more than the bare minimum offered by a late night “u up?” text. In case you want to hear it every day, Madelline is your messenger with new bedroom dream pop single “late night text“, available now everywhere you stream music.

The song starts wistful and calm, a bit of a Honeymoon Lana Del Rey vibe. But we do not keep that energy for long, because the bare minimum effort deserves the bare minimum emotional suffering. The song shifts into a more empowering and rebellious track, harmonies like supportive friends echoing their support and brass instruments turning it into an absolute bop before drifting off into dreamlike quality. Like falling into peaceful sleep after ignoring someone who is not worth your time.

The video, directed by Chloé Sirois, echoes this sentiment perfectly with its balance of soft and sweet with blood and knives. The energy I hope to one day embody in my own daily life.

Madelline press photo 2020 by Betsy May Smith

Credit: Betsy May Smith

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