Brother Elsey press photo 2019

Meet Brother Elsey

Brother Elsey are — get this — brothers from Michigan who make the kind of music I wish Mumford & Sons were still making. The “folk rock with beautiful harmonies” void in my heart has been filled once again, and I feel like you’re gonna love them too.

“Taker” — the song above — is my absolute favourite by them so far. Coincidentally, it’s also their newest single… so I seem to have found them at the perfect time. Something about this song makes me feel so at peace with the world, it must be tapping into some sort of nostalgia. Something that reminds me of a time when the world didn’t feel so constantly uncertain. They’re playing the Dakota Tavern on Wednesday night and I literally CANNOT wait to hear it live. 🤩

If you feel like you’ve already seen these guys somewhere, there’s a good chance you have. Their song “Wildfire” was in an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom OG (I would brag about this all the time). Or if you saw The Glorious Sons last year, you may have caught a show with Brother Elsey opening. I first learned about the band during my 5 day road trip with TGS in October. As if they didn’t already do enough by letting me tag along for a few days, they also intro’d me to fantastic new music?? I’m truly blessed.

Brother Elsey
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I can sit here and tell you about them all day, but it won’t help you get to know them as well as hearing from them yourself. The guys recorded a little intro video for y’all, you can watch it below!

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(plus, don’t forget you can catch them on tour! They play Toronto on Jan 16, London on Jan 17, and Kingston on Jan 18/19!)