Pinkshift: Meet the band

Meet Pinkshift

Some of the best songs are the ones written in one fell swoop that don’t require a lot of refining and thinking. A song that just falls into place and encapsulates a moment in time, a feeling, an experience. Pinkshift forewarned on Bandcamp that “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” was written “in 2 nights and it 1000% has pent up rage” and y’know what? Those two nights have officially left me excited to follow this band for the rest of their career.

Having released only three tracks on Spotify, the Baltimore punk rock band doesn’t have much to dive into yet in terms of quantity. But quality? These two official singles are all I need for the time being. With inspiration coming from 90s grunge and 2000s pop punk — two things very important to my own musical upbringing — this band is innovative and comforting all in one.

i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” is a cathartic listen during the current isolated living conditions we all find ourselves in. Mental health right now feels like being blindfolded on a rollercoaster with no idea if you’re heading uphill or downhill. Genuinely wouldn’t mind kicking someone’s ass through the door, but I’m not supposed to be within six feet of anyone I want to kick. The downside of social distancing.

On Thin Ice” hooked me in from the first listen with more of a post-hardcore influence behind it (if you like Rarity, this one is for you). The chorus deserves to be heard live with an audience aggressively finger pointing at the stage. It feels like one of those songs that a band performs through their whole career and becomes a fan favourite, no matter at which stage you discover them.

With an EP on the way, Pinkshift has merely scratched the surface on the impact they’ll inevitably have on our scene. If this band isn’t on every “artist to watch” list by year-end, I’ll shut down this whole website. Pinkshift is the future we deserve.

Pinkshift: Meet the band

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Paige Williams

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