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Natalie Shay runs away from the altar in video for ‘Naked’

Hearing the crashing of waves in the recent video for Natalie Shay’s nostalgia-filled track “Naked” provides a glimpse on what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and unsure about a relationship. 

Directed by James George Potter, viewers observe a runaway bride’s point of view, embarking on a wave of emotions. Shay’s vocal performance provides the soundtrack to the mini feature, adding lines to further move the story. She sings, “You say it’s not your fight / And I’m the best thing in your life / And that scares me so / ‘Cause I’m in control.” This line raises subtle red flags as the relationship appears to be doomed from the start. There is a power imbalance between the couple, a feeling that it’s one-sided since the partner cares more about their own desires and fulfillment than being a shoulder to lean on. Shay soberly singing about being the best thing in one’s life is haunting, sounding more like a curse than a compliment.  

Having a heavy amount of faith in someone and fully committing to the person puts a lot of pressure on the other individual. It can be too much at once, and Shay clearly demonstrates this emotion through her saccharine vocals and 80s inspired instrumentation. 

Supercuts of the bride’s time with her ex-fiance are juxtaposed against the aftermath of her leaving the premises. There’s a cinematic moment where Shay, dressed in her white gown, is at the beach looking at the full moon that’s shining on her. A mystery is created, leaving viewers wondering whether she made the right choice or not.

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