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Naz & Ella carry us from wary to peaceful on new single “Internalised”

Naz & Ella bring a soft and simple tune carrying intense emotion in their new single, “Internalised“. A guitar carries most of the background music, quiet and calm as Naz & Ella’s voices ring strong as the melody. 

Their voices complement each other in pleasant harmonies during the chorus, both melodious and wary of their minds playing tricks on them. Their lyrics are clear and lay out a story of anxiety and societal pressure. 

I adore the stripped down sound, and the versatility it allows for. This song could have an entire orchestral background and sound the same, or stay the way it is and still feel full enough to convey its intensity. 

The lyrics near the end add a conclusion to the story as they sing “for the first time in my life / I’m proud to call you mine” repeatedly with growing feeling. The clarity at the end of the song and sense of peace left me with a sense of closure as well, accepting a happy ending despite worries along the way.

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Diya Chatterjee

Diya is a writer, currently going to New York University, who describes her taste in music as 'sad women and boy bands'. She's always listening to music, including Taylor Swift, Hardcastle, and anything in between. She takes pride in her extensive Spotify playlists and the fact that she met the Band CAMINO once, and loves ranting about music production to anyone that'll listen.

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