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6 new alt tracks you’ll keep on repeat all week

Ontario is currently existing within a cloud of smoke from the BC/ON forest fires. Literally, the weather forecast just says “smoke”. I feel like this new music update reflects the hazy world I’m currently living in. Even the upbeat tracks aren’t overtly positive, but it’s definitely a fun listen with a lot of cool new bands to appreciate.

Check out six of the alt tracks we can’t get out of our heads, and give the playlist a follow to check out the other tracks on this update!

Teamonade – Impulse

Forcing myself to reorganize the contents of my brain so that all the space taken up by Teamonade‘s last single will make a little room for “Impulse”. I truly can’t get enough of this band, there’s just something so comforting and beautiful about an alto vocalist like Osi Okoro. On top of the crisp drum tones and the math rock reminiscent guitars, it just feels like returning to your hometown and appreciating all the little things you couldn’t when you saw it every day.

Bad Waitress – Delusions of Grandeur

Bad Waitress has their debut album on the way, and each individual single makes me incrementally more excited about it. “Delusions of Grandeur” makes me want to go to a rage room and break a couple things in a safe, responsible way — not an extreme amount of aggression, but a healthy little dose.

Nightwell ft. Brendan Padjasek – Hate Me

Nightwell has finally returned with a new single after 2020’s self-titled EP. Bringing Brendon Padjasek on board for guest vocals gives the quartet a step into the tech-hardcore world of fellow Ontario band, Structures. But even with this exploration, the sound is still undeniably Nightwell.

Young Culture – Simplemindedteens

I feel like I was late to the Young Culture party, but these new singles are all exceptional. Toeing the line between pop punk and pop rock, “Simplemindedteens” is an easy breezy listen. Their new album, Godspeed, is out in 5 days and is sure to bring more of the nostalgic feelings the singles have brought us so far.

Indigo De Souza – Hold U

If any of y’all have been listening to Indigo De Souza all this time and not telling me, you’re officially on my shit list. The fact that this is the first time I’ve listened to her… physically pains me. “Hold U” is such a surreal track about the power of love outside of just romantic love. It reminds me of the scene in Midsommar — do you feel held by him, does he feel like home? Having that feeling extend to others in your circle is where the true magic happens, and Indigo explains it perfectly in 4 minutes and 16 seconds.

SLUGS – I Only Party (w my baby)

I can’t stop listening to SLUGS. They’ve got such a fun combo of psychedelica and alt pop, I never know exactly what I’ll get when they release a new single. “I Only Party” is a subdued, hazy take on current indie pop, and it feels perfect for humid summer nights. Too warm to dance, but not too warm to lazily sway to the beat and let it move through your bones.

Want to check out all the new music from this month? Follow our new music playlist.

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