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6 alternative songs you won’t want to miss this week

It seems absolutely impossible that every Friday, I wake up to discover a new favourite song. How is it possible that music of this caliber is dropping this often? We update SSP’s new music playlist every week or two and it’s a battle to keep it below 100 songs. As much as I love the bands I grew up with, I feel so lucky to be living through this current wave of music at the age I am now. There’s so much evolution happening right in front of our eyes… I’m glad I get to witness it.

Check out six of the alternative songs we’re absolutely living for this week, and give the playlist a follow to check out the other 39 tracks on this update!

Mindy – Am I Alive

I could leave this track on repeat all day and never feel the urge to change it. Mindy‘s “Am I Alive” is about her “struggles with violence and the relentless cycles of murder, pain, and healing.” You feel that through the video — Mindy becomes more bloodied and bruised at her own hand while an audience just dances and scrolls through their phones. Accepting the entertainment she brings them without seeing her or becoming concerned by the dangers she faces… it’s powerful. The track itself is equally so. The vocal melody mesmerized me, especially combined with the way Mindy’s voice flits between airy and gritty on a dime. The instrumentals add an industrial underworld feeling to it, like we’re listening to the soundtrack of a dystopian movie. Except… I think we’re living in the dystopian movie, and Mindy is our soundtrack.

Mothé – Dancing on an Empty Floor

Somebody call Mothé up on their new landline phone and tell them we love this track!! It’s riveting to watch an artist who is so clearly thriving and making the music they’re meant to. Remember what the band Phoenix was to all of us in like 2009? Mothé is giving us those vibes for the 2020s. “Dancing on an Empty Floor” is equal parts all of the ghosts from Ebenezer Scrooge’s worst night. I hear elements of Music Past, things that make me wish for the carefree living of my teenage years. I hear Music Future, sounds and effects that send my mind into an absolute frenzy as I try to place what I’m hearing. And of course, I hear Music Present, because Spencer is a damn gift.

Bigger Better Sun – When I Need It Most

Trying not to hold resentment over the fact that I just discovered Bigger Better Sun this week when they’ve been releasing music since 2019. “When I Need It Most” feels like a mature evolution of scene pop bands from the late 2000s, filling me with a comfortable warmth that makes me feel oh so safe. I guess the upside is that I get to discover the entirety of their 2019 debut and become a hardcore fan before their new album drops. Adjust To Wellness is out on July 2nd via Counter Intuitive Records.

Rouxx ft. Mod Sun – LO$ERS

Is this going to be the song of the summer? I think there’s a pretty good chance Rouxx and Mod Sun have delivered that gift to us early. All the elements are there: 808s, lyrics that revolve between nihilism and optimism, a good guest feature. The video’s a blast too, love to see all the fun ways people can… hang out in or around a casket… I swear it’s a good time. If you’ve been enjoying the rise of artists taking a punk edge to their alt-pop, this song is going to become your anthem for all the best reasons.

remy – i know why you stay out

remy is a writer/producer turned solo artists, which I guess explains why “i know why you stay out” just sounds so good. The atmosphere it creates is overwhelming. It’s bedroom pop with an emo twist. It’s a bit melancholy, a bit soothing… a bit like the music they’d play after a concert so you calm down and don’t cause too much chaos as you mill about seeing friends. God, remember concerts??? The moment Toronto is out of lockdown, I’m headed straight to my fave dive bar venue and crying in the middle of the room to this song.

The Effens – Venom Denim

Y’all better not get sick of me talking about The Effens because I’ve got a lot more praise in me. This band is freaking me out. Every time they release a single, I go through a whole crisis trying to figure out how they can possibly keep getting better. When you already start off as the best, how do you keep exceeding expectations?? “Venom Denim” gives a glimpse into what a future Effens show will feel like and my blood is vibrating in my veins thinking about it, just begging for me to jump around and shove people while screaming until my throat swells. The buzzy guitars and marching drums leading into the chorus make me feel like I’m heading into battle or walking into a shitty boss’ office to let them know I QUIT. Listen to it when you want to feel powerful.

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