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New Seasons incorporate new elements into their sound on “help”

New Seasons have released their second single “help.” The band officially launched in 2018 as a project of bass player Sean Scott and singer Keller Nigh, who had worked together for years. Things really got rolling in 2019 when Jason Alexander (drums) and Adam Peters (guitar) joined.

Their first single “Temporary Relief” — released in January of this year — had a more aggressive pop-punk/alternative feel to it. However, the band describes their music in development, including the new single “help,” as existing more in the realm of pop and rock. 

I discussed with the band how they’ve evolved in finding their current sound since they were formed. They mentioned having several energetic pop-punk sounding demos similar to “Temporary Relief,” but in working together more, discovered what their sound was going to be. The band said:

“We all come from different musical backgrounds which include punk, pop, and jazz. You can hear all those elements in ‘help.’ We’re hoping that listeners will find our new sound to be modern, fun, catchy, and appealing.”

Their new single starts almost like a pop-ballad that builds into a more alternative sounding track. The song is one inspired by feelings of despair and frustration that resulted from some rather difficult times band members experienced over the last few years, with lyrics aimed at illustrating the battle of feeling such a wide range of emotions at once. On the topic of the song they said: 

“While the specific story behind this song may be fairly personal, generally speaking, the emotions behind it are some that many of us can relate to in one way or another. It’s one that you will definitely be able to feel and one that I think a lot of people out there will be able to connect with.”

As ‘help” is just the band’s second song, they aspire to continue the momentum by releasing a few more singles and music videos in the future before trying their hand at an EP. Despite facing the difficulties of getting their band off the ground, the chemistry and inspiration within the group remained evident; they enjoy working together and don’t see an end to their stream of new ideas. New Seasons said, “We’re just going to make the music we want to make and hopefully people will take notice.”

While the band looks forward to playing shows one day, their current plan is to focus solely on writing and recording new material until they’re more established. 

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