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Interview: Nightwell keeps it short & sweet with new ‘What You Feel’ EP

Out of all the Ontario bands bursting onto the scene in the last few years, Nightwell is easily one of my favourites. I think it might be due to the short & sweet model they’ve adopted for their releases. Their debut self-titled album was eight tracks, but came in at under 27 minutes. Their latest EP, What You Feel, is a mere ten. Three songs that capture the best of their pop-structured sensibility with post-hardcore heart. All of it leaves me with a constant gnawing feeling that I need more. They know how to build the hype to keep us chomping at the bit for the next thing — we just waited nearly two years for their release show after it was cancelled in April 2020 due to COVID. Luckily, their second shot at a celebration was able to squeak by before Toronto headed back into venue restriction territory, this time with two bodies of work to show off.

We chatted with Kyle & Terrance of Nightwell about the renewed “just like 2010” energy of Toronto shows, their pandemic hobbies, and what it’s like to have two EPs to play live for the first time. You can check it out (+ our fave video of theirs for “Thank You”) below!

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