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niiice. rally their internet friends together for “shlonkey kong”

In a world where it’s not safe seeing people IRL, god am I ever glad I spent my formative years making friends online. I am perfectly set up for the future, and so are emo-punk band niiice. as they’ve proven today. You can watch their ultimate Zoom call video for “shlonkey kong” below (featuring familiar faces!). Plus, pre-order their new album internet friends, out September 25th via Brace Cove Records & Chatterbot Records.

For a song whose lyrics revolve a lot around self-doubt and weed-induced paranoia, I wouldn’t expect the video to be so heartwarming. The positive energy emanating from the collection of friend-recorded clips is unmatched. And the song itself has just the right amount of production to let me close my eyes and pretend it’s live music.

Despite missing real shows, I’ve never been able to go to one with all of my friends. Making friends on tumblr means everyone is spread out globally. Maybe we can make this new distanced existence work for us. I’m ready to gather my internet friends for a virtual niiice. concert. Maybe for an hour, everything will feel okay.

niiice. internet friends album cover

pre-order internet friends

you should be internet friends with niiice. and follow them on Twitter, IG & Spotify

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