Nikki's Wives press photo 2019

Nikki’s Wives – “Shaking Hands With The Devil”

I’ve talked about Nikki’s Wives a handful of times here before. A few times talking about new songs and live shows, once for an interview with the band. Every time I mention that their newest song is my favourite thing yet. Today… it’s getting repetitive, but they’ve truly done it again.

It’s wild to see how quickly this band evolved. They started off this year putting out fun alt pop tracks like “Lemonade” with quirky matching videos… and now, this? Fully realized pop rock tracks, one after the other, each stronger than the last. This sound sticks with me for longer after I’ve listened. It’s not that anything about them has really changed. The quality is the same, the band has the same energy, but it feels like a more natural fit. It sounds like this is the music they were meant to be making.

They’ve already made such huge strides from the first few songs they released this year. Between this track and “Playing With Fire” specifically, I’m so excited for what’s to come. May 2020 bring me the full length album of my dreams.

Nikki's Wives Shaking Hands With The Devil premiere

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