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Oleyada writes a sweet self-love anthem with “Dig Yourself”

Upon first listen, “Dig Yourself” by Toronto indie-pop artist Oleyada might sound like another sappy, sweet love song. And yes, it still kind of is — but in a more unexpected way.

After a couple of listens the track begins to sound like a self-love anthem instead of one about another person. The line “I’d travel every fucking where with you, cause I’m cool,” describes the realization that even when all you have is yourself, that should be a positive thing. It’s okay to feel alone and like no one except yourself truly understands you. When you love who you are, it’s pretty cool that you get to hang out with yourself for your whole life. And that’s the sentiment Oleyada reassures us of in this track.

Listen to “Dig Yourself:

Oleyada’s use of both “I” and “you” in the song implies that she is, at times, addressing the listener and encouraging them to “push [themselves] harder” and become the person they want to be. The lyrics encourage self-reflection and learning to be alone and in love with who you have become before giving that love to someone else.

The dreamy combo of catchy drumbeats and low-key synth fits the standard for indie-pop love songs, but Oleyada’s sweet and airy vocal style is what makes the track stand out amongst the others. She showcases her range by switching between low and high tone vocals throughout the verses while still maintaining her signature style that remains constant for the entirety of the song. The strumming guitar gives the song a slight indie-rock edge without losing that soft, sentimental feel that defines Oleyada’s sound.

As things get chaotic and busy, this song is a welcome reminder to take a step back and remember that time spent with yourself is never wasted — it’s an opportunity to become the best version of yourself you can be.

So go ahead, write yourself a love letter and try to remember all the reasons why you “dig yourself” while you give this song a listen.

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