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Phoebe Bridgers reimagines 4 Punisher tracks on new EP

Phoebe Bridgers has given us another quarantine release, with a 4-song EP titled Copycat KillerThe EP features tracks from her critically acclaimed sophomore album Punisher, reimagined. Featuring Bridgers’ mesmerizing vocals — newly accompanied by Rob Moose on the strings — these tracks have already received a glowing review from fans everywhere. 

Moose has collaborated before with artists like Taylor Swift, The Killers, Haim, Bon Iver, and he brought never-before-seen magic to these tracks. This time spent in self-isolation has pushed the artist’s creativity to the next level, as average album production has seemed to be halted or drastically different. This collaboration created a new sense of vulnerability within already emotional tracks. 

Fans got a taste of the vibes this release with the only single Kyoto, released with the announcement of the EP on November 10th. Moose joked that somebody should play this track at Phoebe’s funeral, and his arrangement brought even more depth to the “happiest” song on Punisher.

Phoebe Bridgers Copycat Killer EP cover art

The other songs featured on this EP consist of the title track “Punisher”, “Chinese Satellite”and my personal favorite “Savior Complex.” Bridgers took to Twitter after the EP release announcement to talk about her lyrics and their meanings. Here is some of what she had to say about the songs on the EP.

Kyoto – “I wanted to see the world / Then I flew over the ocean / and I changed my mind.”

Touring is quite a draining experience, and Bridgers says, “I wanted to tour before I started touring.” 

Chinese Satellite – “I’ve been running around circles / Pretending to be myself / Why would somebody do this on purpose / When they could do something else. 

Bridgers attributed this line to “trying to be a person who jogged once,” and suddenly, the line makes a lot more sense. 

Punisher – “A copycat killer with a chemical cut / Either I’m careless, or I wanna get caught.”

The EP’s title comes from Bridgers and her love to plagiarize her favorite artist, Elliot Smith, in her writings sometimes. A chemical cut refers to her bleaching her hair to the point where she doesn’t have to cut it because it is so fried.

Savior Complex – “All the skeletons you hide / Show me yours / and I’ll show you mine.

Bridgers said this line means “Secrets and nudes.” Valid.

The combination of Bridgers’ honest, storytelling lyrics accompanied by moody instrumentals is a match made in heaven, and Moose’s arrangements are ethereal. I would recommend listening with headphones to get the full orchestral experience.

You can find the EP out digitally now via Dead Oceans, and Rough Trade will be releasing physical copies on November 27th.

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