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Investigating the vibes on the new Phoneboy album one by one

Today, Phoneboy released their new album, Moving Out. This is the second album that they’ve released, they did it independently, and it all falls on the same day their new tour starts! The general vibes of this album overall just make me so glad that I survived high school, moved out on my own, and am living the life I have today. Phoneboy hits the nostalgic, melancholy feelings, while still feeling so fresh, new, and hopeful. Below is a song-by-song breakdown of the vibes that each song gives off.

Ferrari – You will blast this song this summer with the windows down, driving to the beach that you don’t even want to be at, but you’re going anyway because your friends will be there. You’ll end up sunburnt and exhausted, but it’ll be worth it.

Runaway – This is the song that you’ll listen to while driving on the backroads of your hometown as you think to yourself how grateful you are that you got out and survived. But because you’re back in your hometown, you have this weird nostalgia and sadness washing over you, but it no longer feels permanent. 

Moving Out – If you have a big event coming up or something you need good vibes for, listen to this beforehand. Going on a first date? This song. New job interview? This song. Moving out? This. Song. 

What a Coward – “Everybody smokes and steals from Target” so true king!! The lyrics of this song are so good. They’re so niche, yet so relatable. It reminds me of sitting outside on a brisk night, contemplating about where you are in your life.

Your Apartment – Listen, I’ve tried to move past the feeling of contentment that comes from showing your friends great music that they didn’t know about before. But man if this is not a song I would feel so smug to show someone for the first time. 

Wasting Time – Listen to this song on your next hot girl walk and thank me later. You’ll feel like the main character, I promise. 

Open Up – This song sounds like it should be in a coming-of-age movie (which is my favorite type of movie to watch, don’t @ me). Like, I would not be surprised if an Indie movie starring Nat Wolff from the Naked Brothers Band featured this song on their next soundtrack.

Need a Friend – Oh man, oh man!! Yes. Okay. I will scream this song in the car, clapping along, shaking my hair out of its claw clip even though I am happily in a healthy relationship. I just know it will heal me a little bit more each time I scream-sing along to this song.

Acoustic Song – This song tells such a story and makes me feel so intensely. This album overall has evoked strong emotions for me, but man this one hit me and I can feel it pinballing around in my ribs. 

Gone, Gone, Gone – What a powerful song to close out. If tinnitus wasn’t a thing, I would blast this song as loud as I could so that I could feel my bones vibrating. That’s all I think I need to say.

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