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Guest playlist: PLEXXAGLASS creates the perfect ambience + shares “Lilith”

PLEXXAGLASS — moniker for Alexxa Joan Rae — creates such a perfect ambience in their music, floating somewhere between alt pop and something darker, moodier. Their debut album, WHERE IS YOUR GOD, KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW?, encapsulates a lot of feelings. It’s full of rallying cries about bodily autonomy and personal strength, and soundscapes that surround you in a way that forces you to face your feelings but also acts as a safety net to catch you. A personal fave of ours is “Lilith”, an impossibly powerful track mixed by Mike Shinoda on a Twitch livestream earlier this year, though we’d deem the entire album as required listening (“DYD” should also be a priority).

You’d think an atmosphere like this would be hard to create, but it seems like it comes naturally to Alexxa. They curated a playlist for us that’ll take you on whatever emotional journey you need to go on. Stressed from the holidays? Contemplating what you want out of 2022? No matter your situation, the playlist below will put you in the right headspace to clear out your thoughts and make sense of the noise. Keep scrolling to read Alexxa’s thoughts on each track they thoughtfully chose.

1. Famous Last Words – James Blake

“When this song came out, I could not get it out of my head for weeks. The harmonies are impeccable, and the story painfully relatable.”

2. Strange – Celeste

“This is hands down one of the most beautiful songs ever made. In any era. Fight me. It brings tears to my eyes and a heaviness in my soul every time I listen to it” 

3. 715 – CREEKS – Bon Iver

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Justin perform this live twice now and it’s unreal every time. His use of vocoder on this track is unparalleled.”

4. Drumming Song – Florence + the Machine (MTV Unplugged Album)

“I chose the live version of this song in particular because I think it captures a rawness in Florence’s performance that is really special.” 

5. Mama – My Chemical Romance

“I’m a huge MCR fan, and as far as I’m concerned, this song is one of their best works and severely underrated. The composition is absolutely incredible— the instrumentation is insane. It’s one of their strongest songwriting-wise.”

6. SOMEONE ELSE – Bishop Briggs

“When this record came out, this song wrecked me. The vulnerability in Bishop’s voice is haunting and stunning. I admire her so much for putting it all out there. Every time.”

7. Boss Bitch – Doja Cat

“There’s nothing quite like this song to get me super pumped up! I use it when I work out.”

8. Cherry Wine – Hozier

“Another absolutely gorgeous composition that’s difficult to think of others that too it.”

9. I Get Overwhelmed – Dark Rooms

“I had the pleasure of opening for Dark Rooms in LA in 2018, and it was such a surreal experience. This song is absolutely stunning.”

10. Cold Love – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

“One of the best shows I’ve ever been to was a RKS show in 2019. They were the last show I went to before lockdown and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Their lyricism is so beautiful and the energy they bring to their melodies.”

11. End of Thought – Regina Spektor

“It’s really difficult for me to choose just one Regina Spektor song because she is my favorite of all time. I’ve seen her 2 or 3 times live. She’s one of my biggest inspirations. There’s something about this song that brought me to my knees when it came out. I needed this song.”

12. Under the Table – Fiona Apple

“Again, so difficult to pick one favorite for Fiona’s triumph ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ record, but this one really tore me inside out.”

13. An Evening I Will Not Forget – Dermot Kennedy

“Dermot has such a polarizing voice that breaks me down every time. This song really showcases that vulnerability for me.”

14. All For Us – Labrinth + Zendaya

“I had been following the brilliance of Labrinth for some time, I had become similarly obsessed with his song ‘Let It Be’ and even covered it at shows when I first started out, but his work for Euphoria is next level. He’s a genius, in my opinion, and this song is no exception.”

15. Come Back To Earth – Mac Miller

“One of the greatest losses to the industry. I would be remiss if I didn’t include Mac. A fallen genius in his own right. A mind not meant for this world probably.”

16. I Know – Dear and the Headlights

“It’s probably been 10 years since this band broke up at this point, but I still listen to their two records, front to back, more than most music in my library. If you don’t know about them, now you know. Not to be dramatic, but I’ll mourn their dissolution until I die.”


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