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Help, PONY is exposing my feelings with new track “WebMD”

I’ve been a diehard PONY fan for years, but their latest singles have been pushing things to a new level. “WebMD” was released today via the band’s new label, Take This To Heart Records. Every lyric makes me feel exposed and vulnerable, every note makes me wish the song went on forever. Check out the new video below.

After the release of “Limerence” in the fall of last year, I’ve been eagerly awaiting more music and just… more PONY. They could choose to do anything and I would willingly follow along. In the midst of a time that feels like you’re living the same day on repeat for months in a row, “WebMD” is helping me to do some reflection. Thinking about my predictable patterns and how I can break out of them to make my days more interesting. About the desire to not let anyone close to you so they can’t bring you down, and my desire to NOT BE PERCEIVED which was broken by this song reading me like a damn book??

Sam shared some of their thoughts on the making of “WebMD” with me and like… I think I’ve figured out why I also relate so closely to the track. Do you feel the same?

WebMD is a song I wrote about a huge change in my life. I was hanging out with people who were very toxic. I had a tendency to change who I was in order to fit in, even if it meant doing things that I knew were bad for me. I decided to isolate myself so I could clear my head, quit drinking and figure out who I was alone.

I have always been my own biggest bully (I’m working on it) and I think that kind of attitude attracts the kind of people who enjoy taking advantage of others. So yeah, right now I’d rather stay tf home and google my symptoms while watching tv in my underwear, if it means I’m free from the people who get a kick out of making me feel small.

Sam Bielanski, PONY

Reading the lyrics instead of hearing them in their cheery, kick ass musical setting is an entirely separate cathartic experience. The line “I don’t want to need anyone cause anyone can pull me down, but I don’t want to drown inside of you” really… *sharp inhale* stings. But it stings in the way that a good therapy session does, where you know you’ve done something good for yourself and made progress. So I plan to listen to this song on a loop, sit with my feelings, and maybe perceive myself for once. And then I’ll wait for the next single and do it again.

You can follow PONY on Twitter & Instagram, and listen to “WebMD” on Spotify/Apple Music.

(bonus: I’d also like to recommend ordering scrunchies from Sam on Etsy because I grabbed a handful and I am o b s e s s e d)

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