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I’ve been waiting to premiere this track for two weeks and just like… DYING to share it early. I needed to talk about it and instead just suffered for 15 days. So now that the time has arrived, I need someone to take one for the team and talk to me about LVVRS and their new song “Cry For Me”.

You can listen to the ~big premiere~ below (and be sure to follow LVVRS on Spotify, they’re so close to hitting the threshold that will let them get picked for official Spotify playlists!)

If you’re a fan of recent 5 Seconds Of Summer or Shawn Mendes, this is going to be right up your alley. It’s got that same energy, but… a little more mature? I think? That’s how I think I’d describe it. The chorus is just… so masterfully constructed. Perfectly catchy, but not annoying, and the exact right use of acoustic guitar.

There are no words I can say that will make you understand how well this song is built; you just have to take 3:14 out of your day to hear it yourself. And then another 3:14 to hear it again. And then another 31:40 because you love it and throw it on a loop. I already know how it goes.

There’s one sound effect in the chorus that reminds me of “Lights” by Ellie Goulding (tell me if you can hear it) and I can’t hear them say ‘lonely’ without thinking about Matchbox 20’s smash hit “3AM” and the way Rob Thomas says….. lonelay. But neither of those things are enough to tear me away from this song, distractions be damned.

Going back through the other songs LVVRS has on Spotify, I feel like I may have found a new band to be ride or die for. This greatly increases the odds that yes, I may in fact cry for them. Stay tuned.

If you want to listen to LVVRS’ new track along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist!

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