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Premiere: The High Loves channel a new retro sound with “Ratio”

The High Loves released their debut EP, Serotonin, in 2018 with a strong garage rock sound. Within these five songs, you could feel the retro energy that now bubbles over in today’s new single, “Ratio”, premiering now on Soft Sound Press.

The High Loves won the 2019 John Lennon Songwriting Competition with their song “High Rise,” which makes the lyric about “letting my Lennon out” in this track feel like a little Easter egg or inside joke for those who’ve kept up with their career. The band set out to create a track that was timeless, while still staying true to themselves and what they love about music. And you know what? I feel confident in saying they’ve done it.

The song feels modern with a bunch of retro flairs. Something about the pre-chorus makes me think of The Beatles, the vocals in the chorus remind me of Duran Duran, and I don’t know if I can actually pinpoint the last time I heard “ooh la la” used in a song. The track is just an all-around good time, which I think is something we all need right now.

The band shared some of their thoughts on the track and how it came to be:

“Ratio” shamelessly points out the somewhat cookie-cutter formula of today’s pop songwriting. While there is that side to it, Noah also loves a really good pop tune. With that mindset, “Ratio” brings a groove combining retro funk in the style of Nile Rodgers with modern pop elements.

The High Loves

If you’re looking for something to lighten the mood, brighten your day, or help you relax and enjoy the moment, The High Loves are here to bring you exactly what you need.

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Keep up with The High Loves on Twitter & Instagram, and follow them on Spotify. Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP!

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