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Premiere: Two Front Teeth shape-shifts again on new single “Thorns”

Remember earlier this month when The Postal Service acted like they were releasing new music and then it turned out to be a voting PSA? I know, it still stings for me too, but today we have something to help heal that wound. Two Front Teeth is premiering his latest single “Thorns” right now on Soft Sound Press, and the 2007 indietronica energy is there. Not a throwback per se, but dominant genes make it impossible not to see the family resemblance.

In the past few years — and especially in the last 8 months — this project has gone through a constant metamorphosis. Each release announcement leaves me wondering what’s next. Always remaining somewhere in the indie sphere but never afraid to try something new, I think Two Front Teeth has really found his place with this latest single. The airy falsettos and droning synths create an atmosphere that just seems to mesh with Nick’s musical personality. Well… his personality as a recording artist. As a DJ, his Grimes-heavy sets laden with 90s throwbacks bring a bit more chaos to the mix. There’s a side of Two Front Teeth for everyone, and “Thorns” brings a strong addition to the moody, contemplative collection.

You can now stream “Thorns” on Spotify, and you can always follow Two Front Teeth on Twitter & Instagram

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