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PVRIS curate a full show experience with White Noise livestream

With the uncertainty of the global coronavirus pandemic, artists have had no other choice but to think outside the box and brainstorm new creative ways to connect with their fans since live music is at an indefinite standstill. PVRIS has set up a more direct and interactive method that enables the band to communicate with their fan base at a deeper, personal level, while simultaneously allowing fans to show their support and help them on their journey as they continue to create new music. The band partnered up with the Pillar music community to offer a variety of exclusive content, including merch, sneak peeks at future music in progress, unreleased demos, Q&As, and more.

Another announcement was made in late October, which stated the group’s plans to perform all three studio albums in their current discography live amidst this new virtual norm — kicking things off with a special livestream event on Saturday, November 21st, where they would perform their debut album White Noise in its entirety for the first time ever. 

In advance to the show, fans were presented with the opportunity to grab tickets and White Noise merch bundles, which included the option for a digital meet & greet. On the night of the stream, prior to the event’s airing, the band took to their social media platforms to share how excited they were to be back on stage again and how they even curated a cocktail menu for fans to be able to craft their own White Noise themed drinks to enjoy at home. Finally, it was time…

PVRIS performed the debut track listing from start to finish, opening up with “Smoke”:

So let’s get covered in flames and play some games with the smoke.

The trio – vocalist Lynn Gunn, guitarist Brian MacDonald, and drummer Denny Agosto – gave their all, performing in harmonic synchronization as they surged through the songs, including fan favorites “St. Patrick,” “My House,” “Fire,” and “You and I.” The pacing later slowed for “Eyelids” as a feeling of vulnerability lingered in the air.

Brian and Denny charged forward with a powerful lead, complemented by Lynn’s intricate guitar work. The sound and production were a stellar element of the gig, accompanied by a lighting set-up that further emphasized the energy of the show. Lynn stepped up as frontwoman to interact with the fans in spirit, holding out her microphone in parts of the songs and calling out the lyrics at significant moments Throughout the night, Lynn showcased a strong vocal delivery – full of depth, mature tone, and grit.

Particular highlights of the show were the stripped, atmospheric performances of “Ghosts” and “Empty” — consisting of only keyboard and Lynn’s raw vocals. 

There are just two words to sum up the delivery of these tracks: ethereally haunting.

“I thought you’d complete me.
That you’d erase all the pain that I felt in my brain… 
What do you want from me? I’m empty.”

Once the final note concluded, the band members cried out a multitude of triumphant noises, releasing sighs of relief and the last of their jittery nerves as it began to sink in that they had accomplished what they set out to achieve that evening. In true PVRIS fashion, the rockstars quickly transformed to their real, authentic awkward selves, as they shuffled across the stage platform to the center view frame of the camera work — expressing their sentiments of gratitude for all of the love and support and how much they miss being out on the road, meeting fans, and playing songs in a live dynamic environment. However, this virtual performance was only night one in the books. There’s a lot more sparkling magic lying just ahead over the horizon.

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