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Premiere: QUIETLOVE is living “The Dream” with debut video

One of my favourite parts of the Ontario music scene is the camaraderie. When I find a new local band that I love, there’s a 50/50 chance that one of the members is/was in one of my other favourite local groups. It’s this tangled web of side projects and rotating lineups, and the novelty of making these discoveries never gets stale to me. So I should have known what to expect when I heard “The Dream“, the debut single from QUIETLOVE. We’re so excited to be premiering the new video today on SSP, which you can watch below!

QUIETLOVE is the alt-pop solo project of Brendan DiStefano, frontman of indie-pop band Navigate The Sky. All self-written and self-produced, Brendan really didn’t hold back when releasing the first taste of what’s to come. An oft-used release tactic for artists is to put out a strong track, but hold back your best work until the second or third single once traction has ramped up… which leaves me VERY curious about what could be next. When the first track is something that I could see getting played hourly on every Canadian CHR & Hot AC station through the summer, how could my brain possibly process that it’s still gonna go up from here? And yet, I’m absolutely certain that “up” is exactly where we’re headed. QUIETLOVE’s bio proudly states “Been at it since MySpace. Still no Grammy, still highly underpaid. Loving every second of it.” but I don’t think he should get used to that. The future looks bright, and I’m sure Brendan will be living the whole dream in no time at all.

Watch the video for “The Dream”:

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