Quentin Brock press photo 2020

Quinton Brock re-invents alt rock on “To The Moon”

In the words of John Mulaney, “I think I know what most things feel like.” But having your dog pass away, and then having your partner leave you a few days later while calling you a dog? Maybe I don’t know that searing pain. We can hear about it firsthand from Quinton Brock on his new single “To The Moon“. Check out the video below!

I’ve seen people embrace the negative insults people hurl at them before. We all saw the movie Easy A, yes? Quinton took it to another level by filling his video with more dogs than I can count, and keeping the howling in the audio to a tasteful amount.

The track is undeniably alt rock, but Quinton adds so much more to the table. The bongos are a twist that make the song feel more intimate, and the vocal mix at times feels like there are three Quintons standing around you trying to relay the song’s message. Everything about it pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re there with him in real time. It’s definitely one of the most interesting alt rock songs I’ve heard this year, and definitely leaves me excited to see what’s next.

Quentin Brock press photo 2020

Photo credit: Justin French

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