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To Be Titled or to Be “Untitled”–Rachael Jenkins’ Debut Single!

TikTok is a lot of things and one of those things, for me, has been an abundant influx of new artists to listen to! One of my favourite algorithm-produced discoveries, Rachael Jenkins (@rachiichachii), just released her first single, “Untitled“! Her ethereal voice entranced over 120K people on that little clock app and it is entirely well deserved.


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♬ original sound – Rachael Jenkins

Her snippets of original songs, as well as covers sprinkled here and there — her cover of Lorde’s “Liability” broke my heart — have been some of my favourite videos to grace my “for you page”. So many people were in Rachael’s comments constantly, saying “please put this on Spotify so I can stream it over and over again!!” Now, here we are, wish granted, and I am stoked! 

“Untitled” is a slow and tender tune, filled with emotion, (you can literally hear her teasing smile when she calls herself a “self-proclaimed quitter”), and ripe with great writing.

I pray to a god that doesn’t care
At least not enough to be there

The opening of the song drove home this thought I keep having over and over again about compulsory heteronormativity and how casual homophobia is so normalized in our culture. You have family asking you about your love life, always assuming “there has to be some boy you like!” Or saying things like, “at this point, I wouldn’t even care if you dated a girl!” It’s beyond tiring and isolating. 

It’s tradition in my house
To bring a boy over unannounced
On a mission for a spouse

Rachael sings with such seemingly effortless vulnerability, which in reality, cannot be the slightest bit effortless. The best songwriting, like most writing, comes from a place of raw emotion and there’s nothing easy about laying your trauma out for other people to listen to whenever they feel like it. 

Don’t smile too big 
Or he’ll ask for your hand
And you’ll end up alone and endowed 
But it doesn’t matter anyhow
I don’t bat for your team now

She ends the song with a line that seems to be a quip at someone who didn’t believe in her, 

bet you didn’t think you’d see me

I’m sure a lot of creative types can relate to that feeling. Having people constantly doubt you and dismiss your manifestations because they don’t have the capacity to dream is exhausting. Imposter syndrome who? We refuse to acknowledge her!! 

I loved this first single and I cannot wait to hear more! Congrats, Rachael!! 💘💘

Watch the lyric video for “Untitled”:

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