R.A.E. press photo september 2020

R.A.E gives us one last dose of “Summer Love” with latest single

Nothing brings me comfort quite like 90s nostalgia, and no one is doing it quite like R.A.E is. Her latest video for “Summer Love” brings a mix of 90s hip hop/R&B and 90s technicolour visuals, while still feeling fresh and new for 2020.

The montage of everyone dancing in different locations during the second chorus has given me the biggest rush of serotonin I’ve had all year. Just pure joy and good energy. And that’s an ongoing theme with everything I’ve seen & heard from R.A.E. Just check out the video for “Who Is She” below, everything she does just makes me feel GOOD! The beat and production are spot on, bridging the gap between nostalgia and current trends. The lyrics are clever and fun to sing along with, and the fashion is definitely ending up on my Pinterest outfit board.

If you want something new to boost your mood that you’re already sure to love, this is the place to start. R.A.E has an EP on the way (no idea when) called Listen Up. Based on the songs above, I’m sure we won’t want to miss it.

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Paige Williams

Paige is a writer & creative multi-hyphenate living in Hamilton, Canada. Every band she loves breaks up eventually, but she can't find the witch who cursed her to this life. You can find more of her work on Billboard, Consequence of Sound, A.Side, and Paige Backstage.

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