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Rarity – “Drown Me Out”

I saw Rarity play “Drown Me Out” for the first time in April and have been waiting SO IMPATIENTLY for it to be released ever since. It’s the highlight of their live set, and today is finally that blessed day. I’ve already had it on “repeat one” since midnight, click play below and catch up.

I fell down the rabbit hole real quick with Rarity. I went from never having listened to them to seeing them live five times within like… three months. And I am having an absolutely fantastic time, thank you so much for asking.

I’ve seen them described online most as “melodic post-hardcore” or “alternative emo” if that helps at all? Whatever they are, I love it. Their live show is out of this world. I went to see Heavy Hearts and Rarity was headlining. I was like “hm I’ve never seen this band before!” and then… total chaos. Everyone was jumping off furniture and spinning around in about 10 square feet of stage space. Absolute insanity, I would recommend the experience to anyone.

“Shawinigan” is what hooked me in immediately so I’ve included that video for you below as well. Now that they’ve announced their signing to New Damage Records, there’s so much content coming and I am living for it.

Rarity is currently on tour in the US so be sure to check for cities near you before it’s too late. You will probably find me at XLNC Fest in Michigan losing my entire mind.

If you want to listen to Rarity’s new track along with a bunch of other Ontario artists I think are killing it right now, follow this playlist!

Rarity press photo 2019

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