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Romancer – “Lottery”

You can tell I didn’t have enough time for writing before this year, based solely on the fact that I haven’t written about Romancer until today. I’ve been going to their shows around the GTA for three years at LEAST and somehow haven’t documented it at all. But honestly it’s worked out fine, because I think “Lottery” is the best spot for you to jump in.

This song was first released back in 2016 on their debut album, As We Both Close In On The Water. Then it was re-released a couple weeks ago and it’s all I want to listen to. I have no criticism to possibly offer, it’s a perfect song. And with a perfect video too, which you can watch below!

Every day, I find myself one step closer to deleting everything off of this site and only sharing Ontario bands going forward. We have so much incredible talent here, I could spend all my time writing about it and still miss things. If you want to stay in the loop on our music scene, you can find a lot of what’s good right now (in my opinion) in this playlist.

You can find more Romancer on their Bandcamp and definitely keep an eye out for tour dates here too.


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