RYLS // Photo by Ziyaad Haniff

RYLS: The Band We Need

I know I have a tendency to be very dramatic literally all of the time, but hear me out on this one. RYLS are a Toronto band who’ve released their first EP Live: Love: Lose. I have a full thesis in MLA format as to why they are the band we NEED right now. Move your meetings and lunch plans, this is gonna take a minute.

Note: not actually in MLA format because in all honesty, I forget what that is

So who is RYLS?

I first discovered RYLS when they tweeted me back in December. And honestly, I have never in my life received a more intriguing tweet. Imagine me — the most obnoxious Halsey stan, mere weeks away from Bring Me The Horizon’s long awaited album — receiving the following video in my mentions:

And honestly, combining two of my favourite songs? That could easily be a recipe for disappointment. But holy smokes they KILLED IT.

And from there, I immediately pledged my undying love and support. Which, looking back, is a dangerous thing to do if you haven’t heard a band’s own original music yet. But I lucked out, because they’re perfect!

Note: While watching this music video, I got hit with a banner ad for “Metalhead Dating” which felt both extremely niche and like a personal attack.

Now about the Live: Love: Lose EP…

Their entire EP is the perfect mix of everything I’ve ever loved.

All of the things I loved about 2012 Warped Tour bands, with all the things I didn’t enjoy already weeded out. The energy of Linkin Park’s Meteora with the range to mix a Kehlani song into their first set at Sneaky Dee’s. The energy of rock with the social media presence of kids who grew up on Tumblr and understand the platform.

Which brings me to my next point — their social outreach. I know so many bands that don’t want to tweet too much or are dying to seem mysterious. They miss out on genuine interaction and engagement with their potential fans for the sake of seeming ~cool~. They’re idiots.

RYLS // Photo by Ziyaad Haniff
RYLS // Photo by Ziyaad Haniff

RYLS has been sharing the links to their songs/videos through relevant artists & influencers on Twitter and it’s been incredible to watch the results. Seeing their song shared by Elijah Daniel literally saying “we stan” and then being put on his playlist was… I can’t explain. I felt like I just watched my firstborn child graduate from Harvard.

All in all, I think it would be dumb to not jump on this bandwagon now. The music is already fantastic, they’re working to propel themselves higher, and they’re just genuinely nice people. I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t turn your Twitter account into a RYLS stan account, but maybe that’s just me. Check out their links below, show some love, and you can find more bands like them over on our Spotify.

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